Article Incubator: building interdisciplinary academic writing skills amongst PhD students


  • Jenny Palm
  • Jessika Luth Richter
  • Steven Curtis
  • Björn Wickenberg
  • Heather Schoonover


feedback, interdiciplinarity, PhD course, student-based learning


The Article Incubator (AI) is a course intended for PhD students at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. The course provides a forum for students to discuss their current research, to develop academic writing skills, and to share best practices in academic publishing. The AI is coordinated by a senior researcher at the IIIEE, while maintaining a studentcentred approach, where all course elements are supported by students’ own contributions, reflections and experiences. In addition to sharing the article incubator as a pedagogical experience, we also seek to reflect upon ongoing challenges including how to successfully manage diverse student backgrounds and expectations in an interdisciplinary context.