Expanding Architecture: Critical perspectives from within a school of architecture


  • Sandra Kopljar
  • Emma Nilsson
  • Ida Sandström


Architectural education, design pedagogy, architecture profession, critical practice


The architectural community needs to be better at managing a diversity of experiences, desires and needs associated with architecture. How can students' call for a more problematizing and inclusive education and industry be used as a basis for student and teacher collaboration, as well as an educational platform for raising diversity issues? The Symposium Expanding Architecture - Critical Perspectives Acting from Within, held at the School of Architecture, LTH in the spring of 2018, was the answer to a shortage within the education as identified by the students. The event served as an opportunity for criticism of architectural education and profession, as well as a visualization of these issues for students. It thus became an example of how teaching can address a question based on a specific position and contextualize this issue in relation to contemporary research and teaching.