How can we make teaching more inclusive?


  • Bitte Rydeman
  • Håkan Eftring
  • Per-Olof Hedvall


higher education, inclusion, teaching, universal design, universal design for learning


Diversity among university students has increased, but students with disabilities still get support on a case by case basis, forcing them to display their disability to teachers and peers. An approach that is less stigmatising, focusing on making the university more inclusive for all
students, is Universal Design for Learning (UDL). A related approach is Universal Design (UD), with its focus on design for all people, instead of for people in need of special solutions. A pilot study at the faculty of engineering at Lund University (LTH) in 2017 showed that, while LTH has good support for students, more support for teachers is needed, as well as more focus on inclusion. We now present our own efforts to apply UD and UDL in our teaching, and some suggestions from students regarding how we together can make teaching and learning more inclusive at LTH.