Book talks among people with chronic non-cancer pain. Literary meaning making in a shared reading group


  • Anders Ohlsson
  • Mary Ingemansson
  • Torbjörn Forslid
  • Henrik Grelz
  • Anna W Gustafsson
  • Kajsa Järvholm
  • Marcelo Rivano Fischer


This paper reports findings from a pilot study for the research project SHARP – Shared Reading After Pain Rehabilitation. SHARP explores the feasibility and effect of Shared Reading, a group-based reading intervention, as a way to improve the quality of life for people with chronic non-cancer pain who have undergone a pain rehabilitation programme (5 weeks) at Skåne University Hospital in Sweden. The paper has a methodological focus. Drawing on discursive reception studies (Eriksson Barajas 2015), it aims to explore the usefulness of Judith Langer’s theory of literary meaning making to analyse book talk in a Shared Reading chronic non-cancer pain context. Langer’s key concepts envisionment building and stances (Langer 2011) will be used to trace instances of group members taking others’ perspectives, such as those of literary characters or fellow group members.






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