About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Working Papers in Medical humanities presents research conducted by members of the Medical Humanities Research Node at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, academic visitors, and research students. The Working paper series welcome shorter texts on planned, ongoing or finished projects, research reports, and papers accepted for presentation at national or international conferences.

The Medical Humanities Research Node includes researchers at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences that are engaged in research with a humanities perspective on health, healthcare, illness and medicine. We conduct research and training with cultural and historical perspectives that are relevant for health care, development of public health policy objectives, biomedical research, and understandings of these activities. In our research, we highlight people's experiences of living with illness, the care of people and the ethical issues raised in health care and biomedical research. An overall aim is to problematize and deepen the understanding of medical development at both an individual and a societal level. 

By forming a node we take advantage of the possibilities offered in our multidisciplinary environment. At present the researchers in the node covers several of the disciplines at the department: art history and visual culture, ethnology, history of science and ideas, information studies. Programs and projects conducted within the node are often cross- or interdisciplinary and may have a historical or contemporary perspective. Through a multitude of cultural methods and theories, research topics include vårdmöten, medical knowledge production including visual representations, health information, new biomedical technologies, the cultural reception of medical texts and images, and how medicine may be understood in our contemporary digital culture.

Peer Review Process

Every submission is peer-reviewed by someone in the Editorial team and, when necesseray ,by an external reviewer. It is the editor's responsibility to decide whether to accept or reject a paper, supported by the Editorial Board and reports from the reviewers.

Publication Frequency

Working papers in Medical Humanities are published on an ad-hoc basis when submitted papers are accepted for publication.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.