Vänsterpartiet. Med historien i framtiden


  • Jörgen Hermansson


The Left Party – Back to the Future

This article argues that the Left Party now is back where it once started, as a typical left-socialist party. The communist era has definitely been put to an end. Hence it is misplaced to attack the Left Party for having difficulties to adhere to the ideals of democracy. The problem is not that the party does not embrace democracy as a principle. On the contrary, the party may rather be seen as ultra democratic. The Left Party does however have an ambivalent attitude towards democracy, but it is then its practical side that causes problems. During its long communist period, no one invited the party to parliamentary power positions. The party is not used to deal with political power and has adapted to this subordinated position in Swedish politics. But the only way to remain clean is to stay outside. In September 2010 the Swedish people will decide if this is possible.