Svenska kristdemokrater i förändring. Från konfessionellt universella till sekulärt partikulära


  • Douglas Brommesson


Swedish Christian Democrats in transition – From confessional and universalistic to secular and particularistic

In this article, ideological tranformations within the Swedish Christian Democratic party throughout the past years is analysed. This is done in comparison with previous research on the ideological character of the party from the 1960’s to the early 2000’s. The party´s ideology is analysed with a two dimensional model, i.e. universalism – particularism and confessionalism – secularism. These two dimensions are derived from the ideological debate within the Dutch CDA during the 1990’s, a party that has operated in a similar context as the Swedish Christian Democrats have. Based on the two dimensions speeches and op-ed articles by the party leadership is analysed. The conclusion is that the Swedish Christian Democrats has moved from a position of a strong Christian inspiration to a more secular direction, and that the party also has moved from strong universal beliefs to less universal and more particularistic beliefs.