Jag och resten av världen: Individuell och kollektiv politik inom den globala rättviserörelsen


  • Adrienne Sörbom
  • Magnus Wennerhag


Me and you and the rest of the world: Individualization and collective political action within the global justice movement. Political commitments in our time are often described as characterized by political de-collectivization and increasing individualism. In the article this polarity between individualism and collectivism is addressed. Empirically, it is based on a survey which 1066 global justice movement activists participated in. Among these, activism has both strong individual and collective orientations. Personal commitment and individual political action is emphasized at the same time as the activism aims at reforming institutions and is carried out in collective contexts, involving traditional political actors as parties and trade unions. Furthermore, this is done despite a low degree of trust in political institutions and traditional political actors, especially among activists who participated in the events during the EU summit meeting in Gothenburg 2001.