Ryssland i rymden

Nostalgi, futurism och stormaktspolitik


  • Johan Eriksson
  • Roman Privalov


Russia in Space: Nostalgia, Futurism and Great Power Politics

How is outer space perceived in contemporary Russian politics and popular culture? This question is addressed through an analysis of post-Soviet Russian space policy and Russian popular culture, the latter concerning e.g. space museums, movies and literature. By looking both at Russian space policy (operated mainly through the Russian state corporation Roscosmos) and at expressions in popular culture, a wide plethora of ideas and visions of cosmos and Russia’s place in space is observed. Patterns of continuity and change are observed in both realms, and linkages between politics and popular culture are noted. Expressions of Soviet nostalgia exists, but there is also a widespread perception of Russia as a weakened space power, seeking to maintain space exploration capacity rather than to take a global lead. In contemporary popular culture, there is also a new diversity of space visions, ranging from postcolonial critique of Soviet and contemporary Russian space policy to global liberal notions and new imperial visions.