Rysslands säkerhetspolitiska syn på Väst

Vägen fram till kriget 2022


  • Carolina Vendil Pallin


Russia looks at the West: The security policy road to war 2022

Russia’s view of the West has changed from that of a strategic partner in 1991 to an archenemy by 2022. The change towards an assertive policy towards the West and more repressive society at home took place gradually from the late 1990s and both international events and domestic politics played key roles. Moscow’s fear of popular protest movements, at home and in the former Soviet republics, sparked changes in Russia’s view of the West. Developments in Ukraine accelerated such changes and a notion that Russia has a civilizing mission emerged in parallel with a conviction that the West had a plan to undermine Russia by promoting democratic and liberal values from 2004. Similar to how security policy making was in flux in 1991, the process for strategic planning was in disarray by 2022. This and Russia’s statements that it is fighting a war with the West in Ukraine deserves serious attention.