Framtida utmaningar för USA:s utrikespolitik

USA som utrikespolitisk aktör 2021


  • Jan Hallenberg


Future challenges in U.S. Foreign Policy

The United States faces several challenges to its future foreign policy. One concerns the role that the United States should play in future international affairs. Will the political leadership choose to continue with a global, assertive foreign and security policy, or will the country’s future international engagements be clearly more limited. A second challenge is the growth of China, and the fact that Beijing threatens the power position of the United States in several arenas. One of these arenas is the South China Sea, where the territorial claims pursued by China are not accepted by Washington. A third challenge is in international economics where the growth of China’s economic power also threatens the power position of the United States. A fourth challenge to a continuing global foreign policy role for the country, is that the domestic political struggles inside the country have now reached such a level of severity that the system’s basic democratic foundations may be threatened if the leading members of the two political parties are unable to agree on the very fundamentals of democratic rules.