Är USA fortfarande en demokrati?


  • Frida Stranne


Is the USA still a democracy?

Experts today agree that American democracy is under threat from several quarters. According to leading research institutes, the country is already labeled with a red code, meaning it is moving in an authoritarian direction. In June 2021, hundreds of researchers published a “statement of concern” in which they warned that American democracy can be out-maneuvered as early as the 2022 midterm elections, as well as in the 2024 presidential elections.

This article focuses on new U.S. election laws and the ongoing redistricting process, both of which seriously threaten American democracy. Some of the laws proposed in various state legislatures have not yet been passed, while others are already implemented. Through an analysis of the changes made in voting laws and through redistricting, the seriousness of the threats is confirmed.

In addition, the article describes a number of other factors that in various ways contribute to threatening the stability of American society and further weakening democracy in a negative and self-reinforcing process.