Infodemin under pandemin

Rysk informationspåverkan mot Sverige


  • Maria Hellman


The Info-Demic during the Pandemic: Russian information Influence Activities against Sweden

This study explores how Russian information influence activities have targeted Sweden through its state controlled news media coverage, Sputnik. It asks whether and how it has used the Covid-19 crisis to weaken Sweden by way of antagonistic strategies.

A narrative analysis of Sputnik news reporting identified four themes depicting Sweden as the odd one out internationally, a country plagued by domestic conflicts, and where an incompetent leadership plays at double standards. The narrative was found to be constructed in line with the antagonistic strategies of suppression and destruction (Wagnsson & Barzanje 2019).

This raises concerns regarding Sweden’s international reputation and status. There is a risk that other states consider collaboration with Sweden increasingly difficult. Domestically loyalties between citizens, conditions for political debate and trust between citizen and authorities might come under increasing pressure.