Corona, krishantering och demokrati

Om meddelarfrihet vid en extraordinär händelse


  • Stig Montin
  • Mikael Granberg


Corona, crisis management and democracy. Whistle-blower protection at an extraordinary event

In the spring of 2020, many municipalities were taken by surprise by effects of the Corona pandemic on services and management. The Corona pandemic was defined as an extraordinary event and staff functions and crisis management committees were activated. The analysis is framed by the concept of electoral democracy and counter-democracy. The purpose of the article is to shed light on how two different institutional logics, one related to extraordinary events and the other related to freedom of information and whistle-blower protection for public employees. The case showed a clash between these logics. Even in an open democratic system, an extraordinary event can mean that the dissemination of information is limited. This could mean that democratic legitimacy is at risk. However, a crisis management system with complete transparency in all decision-making is neither possible nor desirable.