Civil beredskap och offentlig styrning under pandemin 2020-2021


  • Douglas Brommesson


Civil preparedness and public management during the pandemic of 2020–2021

In this article the Swedish public management during the Covid 19 pandemic 20202021 is analyzed in the light of previous identified challenges for Swedish civil defense. Such challenges are in the article contextualized in the light of contemporary research with the move from government to governance, but also through public inquiries and public debate concerning the future Swedish civil defense. The challenges identified are network governance, multi-level governance and public-private partnerships. The rationale behind this study departs from the idea that the identified challenges for the development of a modern civil defense could be expected to be manifested during a severe civil crisis like the pandemic. If these challenges are occurring in the management of the pandemic, then they are likely to be relevant to be addressed as Sweden move forward to reestablish the planning for a modern civil defense to be used during future severe crisis or even during war. The results from the study of the experiences of relevant actors during the public management of the pandemic confirm that at least two of the identified challenges are relevant to address further, namely multi-level governance and network governance.