Ledarskap vid kriser

Ett stresspsykologiskt perspektiv


  • Gerry Larsson


Leadership during crises – A stress psychological perspective

The Corona pandemic has, in addition to human suffering, resulted in long-term stress for many organizations and managers. This article summarizes some knowledge gained in previous crises with a focus on leadership. A stress psychological perspective is used as point of departure. At the individual level of managers, decision making models such as rational optimizing and recognition-primed decision making are discussed. A conclusion is that good enough is good in enough in acute stressful situations. Moral dilemmas among healthcare personnel are mentioned, in particular, the forced need for doctors still under training to make independent decisions at intensive care units and covid-19 departments. Leaders’ social skills are emphasized when inter-organizational collaboration is required. At the organizational level the following aspects are discussed: leaders’ containing ability, mission command, boundary spanners and the balance between structure and freedom of action.