Den vetenskapliga analysen av svensk säkerhetspolitik. Dags för vitalisering och realism?


  • Dennis Gyllensporre


Title: Academic Analysis of Swedish Security Policy – Time for Revitalization and Realism?

Due to the deteriorated security situation Swedish security policy has gained traction. Politicians as well as journalists are increasingly adopting rhetoric that resonates with Realpolitik. Yet realism lacks appeal amongst scholars. This article posits that realism needs to be rediscovered in the academic analysis, otherwise scholars risk descending into irrelevance. To understand Russian foreign- and security policy, and the underpinning strategic culture, realism as well as constructivism are disjoint theoretical constructs that offer explanatory power. It would be futile to disregard tools provided by realism to unpack their behavior. From this vantage point this article outlines and assesses options based on Realpolitik for Swedish force contributions to international crisis management. The analysis demonstrates that realism has utility in providing explanatory power to its security policy. The analysis on military contributions during – suggests that Sweden’s security policy is best described as a hedging option as opposed to bandwagoning, balance of power and isolationism. This correlates with the official policy based on non-military alignment while embracing conditional cooperation during crisis and war.