”För två ostburgare och en Coca-Cola”. Anteckningar om den europeiska film- och TV-produktionens omflyttningar efter 1989


  • Olof Hedling


“For Two Cheeseburgers and a Coke”. Notes on the Changing Geography of European Film and Television Production since 1989.

This article is a basically a compare and contrast study regarding two different lines of development with regard to the film and television production which has taken place in Europe during the last three decades. On the one hand it examines and evaluates the phenomenon that is the rampant rise of runaway production of international film and television and which has predominantly occurred in East Central Europe since the mid-1990s. On the other, the aims, effects and consequences of the movement of creative industries policy, emanating from the efforts of the British New Labour Government in the late 1990s as well as from certain academics, before being dispersed “virally” is reviewed. The article ends with a brief concluding discussion assessing portions of the respective developments. This final part is inspired by globalization theories, about neo-liberalism, neo-mercantilism and the rise of international governance put forward by British sociologists Richard Giulianotti and Roland Robertson in their work Globalization and Football (2009).