Tysk film efter muren. En tudelad historia

  • Ann-Kristin Wallengren


German cinema after the wall. A story divided into two parts. This article deals with German films after “die Wende”. The films studied are some of the most domestically successful in Germany, films that seldom found their way into the international market. The discussion shows how the narratives differed in films produced in the former East respectively West Germany, and that, among other things, the films often presupposed that the adaption process to a unified country primarily was an affair for the former East Germans. The article also shows that the narratives have developed from being simplified or drastic (made by former West German companies), depicting the East Germans as childish or naïve, but at the same time incarnating old German ideals, into films and television dramas handling the story of the reunification in a more complex and redeeming way.