Vol 11 (1987): Child Language in Diaspora. Serbo-Croatian in West European Countries

Editor: L’ubomir Ďurovič

Assistant editor: Alla Binder

ISSN: 0346-8712


This volume of Slavica Lundensia contains materiale from a symposium held at the Department of Slavonic Languages in Lund, August 26th-29th, 1986. A paper by T. Paulsson, presented at the IVth Swedish-Polish Slavonic Conference in Jurata in September of 1986 and concerned with Polish children's language in Swedish diaspora, is also included.

The   articles   discuss   different   aspects   of Yugoslav children's language in   West-European   diaspora   (phonetic,    grammatical and lexical structures, children's communicative competence, linguistic     aspects   of   the   "home   language"   instruction   in Swedish schools).

The symposium was organized by the Archive for Diaspora Languages at   the   Slavonic Department öf the University of Lund, a research project subsidized by the Swedish Board   of   Education (Skolöverstyrelsen),    the   Swedish   Ministry of Employment and the Tercentenary Foundation of the Bank of Sweden.

Publicerad: 2014-06-02