Peter Suber to Direct Harvard’s Office for Scholarly Communication (OSC)


  • Ingegerd Rabow


Quotes from the Harvard website:
“ Suber's new role with the OSC closely aligns with his work leading the Harvard Open Access Project. Both are driven by a common vision for opening access to cutting-edge research for everyone who can make use of it. Integrating the two roles into one position will allow the projects to better share strategies, staff, resources, and knowledge, and accelerate the progress of open access both within and beyond Harvard./- - -/

The Office for Scholarly Communication spearheads campus-wide initiatives to open, share, and preserve scholarship. In cooperation with the OSC, faculty at eight of Harvard’s schools have put in place default rights-retention open-access policies, which have influenced similar policies at universities throughout the world. The Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard (DASH) repository established and operated by the OSC holds more than 12,000 scholarly articles, which have been downloaded almost 1.5 million times from every continent, some 3,000 downloads per day.”



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