Teaching two course instances of online teaching – what changed from 2020 to the ”new normal”?


  • Per Warfvinge
  • Torgny Roxå


Covid, CEQ, deep approach to learning


Data from LTH’s course evaluation survey CEQ suggest that the rapid transition from campus to online teaching in the spring of 2020 made the teaching less prone to support a deep approach to learning. Here we show that in the spring of 2021, survey items related to Good Teaching and Clear Goals and Standards recovered to pre-Covid levels. Teachers give examples of many small adjustments that, together, may explain the improvement. More feedback to the students and better use of online tools (e.g., for lectures and group work) may be key factors. We suggest that teachers have made efficient use of information from examinations, teaching and learning activities, student comments and colleagues and that they have a low threshold to start reflecting on ways to improve their teaching, and as a whole. Consistently, the teachers have given priority to changes that support a deep approach to learning among the students.