The LU PhD Writing Lab

Helping PhD students build effective and sustainable writing habits, one writing snack at a time


  • Virginia Boix
  • Josefin Lindström
  • Jennifer Löfgreen
  • Hampus Månefjord
  • Malin Pettersson
  • Jenny von Platten


The LU PhD Writing Lab began in 2019 as a collaboration between CEE and Dokt to support PhD students in building better writing habits and to combat the sense of isolation that PhD students often feel when writing. Originally an in-person writing group, it was transformed during the pandemic into an online group with a self-enrolment Canvas course as a hub where participants could learn about the concept, find guided writing sessions (which run over Zoom), and connect with other PhD students around the university. Each guided writing session follows a set structure that is easily adapted to independent writing and also to other writing-related activities in the research process. In this round table, we will describe the writing sessions and share reflections and lessons learned. We will also invite the audience to ask questions and share their own stories of building writing habits.