Students in CEQ-meetings

insights into how students prepare for the core part of the CEQ-process


  • Katja Eftring
  • Torgny Roxå


CEQ, student evaluations, Students as partners


At LTH, students have an important role in the development of courses, not the least during the so called CEQ- meeting, the core part of the process where courses are evaluated through the use of the Course Experience Questionnaire. During these meetings student representatives, the course leader, and the program coordinator meet after a course to discuss experiences, problems and ideas for improvement. Data obtained from student survey (CEQ) is one piece of material used during these conversations. Since students are central in this process it is interesting to reflect on how students prepare for this meeting.

This study (Eftring, 2021) investigates, through a case-study approach, how various branches of the student union (Studieråden, SR) prepare for and reflect upon the purpose and the outcome of these meetings.

Findings reveal that students and SR appreciate the CEQ- meetings greatly. Furthermore, it is clear that students prepare thoroughly, and organize themselves accordingly in order to secure students’ constructive and reliable contributions. Almost without exception, SR assess the outcomes of these meetings as positive.