About the Journal

The Lund Journal of English Studies (LJES) is an open-access, electronic journal that publishes research, reports and short discussion notes written by staff, affiliated researchers, and students at the English Unit at Lund University. The journal welcomes contributions in all areas of English Studies, including (but not limited to) English literature, English language and linguistics, English applied linguistics, and academic and professional/disciplinary English. The journal aims to encourage free distribution and exchange of ideas between researchers in all areas of English Studies and to serve as a forum where constructive discussion and debate can take place.

The contributions can be full research articles, reports, short squibs, and discussion notes. They can contain both completed research and work that is still in progress. The squibs and discussion notes in particular can be observations and ideas about a topic and/or data that are intended to serve as basis for more substantial research in the future. The contributions can be multimodal and include images, audio and video, provided these materials can be shared publicly. The journal also offers the opportunity to publish special issues that reflect current interests and research in a specific area of English Studies. The special issues can include proceedings volumes from symposia, conferences and workshops organized at the English Unit and/or by members of staff and affiliated researchers at the English Unit. The contributions can be written in English or in Swedish.

The journal volumes are published on a yearly basis, starting with Volume 1 in 2020. Contributions to the journal and proposals for special issues can be submitted to the editors at any time. The submissions should be made via the journal platform. The editors will read through the texts, to ensure uniformity in terms of formatting and style, and provide editorial comments and suggestions. The authors are asked to observe the author guidelines and the submission checklist available on the journal website.

As LJES is an open access journal, anyone with access to the internet can download and read the contributions that are published here, free of charge. The journal does not charge author fees and there are no commercial interests for the English Unit at Lund University in publishing the journal. The copyright for the work published in LJES remains with the authors. This means the authors are able to publish the same (or similar) work elsewhere as well, such as their own project websites. If the same work is submitted to another journal, the authors should always notify the other publishers, prior to acceptance, that the work or some earlier version of it is already publicly available in LJES. 

Unless stated otherwise, all contributions to this journal are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0). To view a copy of this license, visit Creative Commons website here. Individual contributions can also have a different CC license, if the authors so wish.

The images, figures, tables, parts of tables and possible audio and video materials in the contributions may sometimes be rights reserved; permission from the authors and/or the original copyright holders must be obtained, before sharing / using these materials.