• Monica J. Harris
  • Robert Rosenthal



parapsychology, anomalous cognition, meta-analysis, Robert Rosenthal, science censorship


Monica J. Harris and Robert Rosenthal were commissioned by the National Research Council to conduct meta-analyses and review five areas of potential human enhancement. Despite finding that ganzfeld psi research followed the most rigorous protocols they were pressured to withdraw their supportive evaluation of psi, but refused to do so. This is their original report, with only very minor formatting changes. Among other things, Harris and Rosenthal concluded that “it would be implausible to entertain the null given the combined p from these 28 studies… when the accuracy rate expected under the null is 1/4, we estimate the obtained accuracy rate to be about 1/3.” They were then asked to analyze the effect of potential design and procedure flaws and, after doing so, they concluded that: “Our analysis of the effects of flaws on study outcome lends no support to the hypothesis."


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