Politiskt deltagande i stadsregioner. Är kontexten könsneutral?

  • Jessika Wide


This article examines the citizens’ political participation at local level in two Swedish city-regions. Theories of political participation claim that citizens’ resources, motivation and networks are crucial for political activism. Other theories state that the territorial context and political institutions matter as well. This indirect efect by the context is expected to be gendered, i.e. the efect is assumed to be diferent for women and men. The analysis is based on survey data for 3,200 citizens in two Swedish city-regions. The efect of the territorial context is investigated on several diferent forms of political participation, while controlling for individual factors and political institutions. The gendered efect is investigated by interaction variables. The result is that the territorial context do have a significant efect on most forms of political participation and this efect is gendered. Individual factors have significant efects as expected while political institutions are unimportant.