Makten över stadens offentliga rum. Professionerna och hur de modernistiska idéerna vann kampen om stadsplaneringen


  • Monica Andersson


Modernist ideas were written into the building code of 1931 and increased over time where traditional cities were banned and supposed to be turned down. How managed modernists this in the critical juncture. One of their proponents was Stockholms Byggnadsförening, where builders, contractors and private and public planners and architects meet. My questions are how modernist architects could impose the views of Byggnadsföreningen and if their activities in this organization could explain why modernist ideas so fast could impose building code and legislation. I found that it was a self-amplifying process where central modernist architects managed to reach leading positions after 1924 when the organization implemented short periods for members of the board. This was preceded by a decline of the organization during WWI and a self-eroding process for ideas of traditional city-planning where modernist architects challenged them with efectivity-arguments that clamed modernist ideas were scientific and traditional ideas outdated.