Sverigedemokraterna: Framgångsrikt enfrågefokus


  • Karl Loxbo


The Sweden Democrats: Single-Issue Focus and Electoral Success. In the 2014 election, the Sweden Democrats (SD) established itself as the third big- gest party in Sweden. With the aim of explaining this unexpected electoral breakthrough, I argue that stigmatised parties like the SD ultimately shape their own fates by choosing how to exploit political opportunities that face them in different arenas. Drawing on a variety of data sources, I support this argument by presenting evidence indicating that the vast mobilisation SD-voters in 2014 largely is a prod- uct of strategies by the SD-leadership to exploit a perceived political vacuum in the wake of convergence between mainstream parties. The article suggests, moreover, that the very high degree of stigmatisation surrounding the SD, in fact, has facilitated internal strategies to normalise the ideological appeal of the party. In light of these findings, the article concludes by arguing that the current actions of Swedish mainstream parties are bound to further strengthen the SD.


Karl Loxbo

Karl Loxbo är verksam vid Institutionen för statsvetenskap, Linnéuniversitetet.