Vol 7 (1979): Sueco - Polonica. Materiały z drugiej polsko-szwedzkiej konferencji slawistycznej, forsakar (szwecja), 15-18 VI 1979

Editor: L’ubomír Ďurovič

Assistant editor. Georg Jaugelis

Editorial note

This issue of SLAVICA LUNDENSIA contains contributions to the second Swedish-Polish Slavic conference which was held in Forsakar, Sweden, June 15-18 1979, and organized by Association of Swedish Slavists (Svenska slavistförbundet). Apart from the papers published in the present volume, the paper  “Aparat pojęciowy opisu składniowego” was presented at the Conference by Dr. Z Zaron.

      The papers are published in the language in which they were delivered.

Publicerad: 2014-06-02