Vol 17 (1997): Русская акценторафия. Правилаи тенденции в употреблении надстрочных знаков в русских рукописях, преимущественно XV и XVI

General editor: Lars Steensland

Assistant editor: Alla Binder

ISSN: 0346-8712

Editor's note:

This book is the first attempt to create a comprehensive manual of Russian accentography, i.e the systematic study of the function of the supralinear signs in Russian manuscripts (and early printed books). The author has gathered and systematized the findings of such prominent specialists in the field as Bulatova, Kolesov, and Zaliznja, and presents this material together with information from complementary sources as well as his own observations. The "rules"  are richly illustrated with authentic examples taken directly from manuscripts. The author would greatly appreciate comments and suggestions for improvements of the text.

Publicerad: 2014-06-02