To Have a Country, to Have a Say: Using Visual Methods to Explore Young Palestinians' Lived Citizenship


Youth in Palestine have been framed as disengaged from politics, in comparison with their spectacular activism during the two intifadas, and as unaccomplished citizens, as a result of their political cir- cumstances. is article addresses a rethinking of the notion of citizenship, in the context of Palestin- ian youth, towards a more nuanced conceptualization. My investigation departs from a participatory photography exercise carried out in 2014, with a group of ve young Palestinians living in the city of Nablus. rough the use of visual methods, which o er an alternative way of seeing their experiences, I discuss young people’s ordinary practices and everyday encounters with the notion of citizenship and consider how a micro-sociological approach based on the concept of lived citizenship may allow us to move beyond passive/engaged and personal/political binaries, typical in citizenship studies. 

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