Fasc. 4


  • Alf Oredsson
  • S. P. Bhatnagar
  • Meenakshi Gupta
  • Peter S. Dixon
  • Linda M. Irvine
  • Mats Thulin
  • Gunnar Weimarck
  • Lennart Engstrand
  • Olov Hedberg
  • Roland von Bothmer
  • Rolf Dahlgren


Alf Oredsson: Drawings of Scandinavian Plants 17-44 Key to Rubus L. Subgen. Rubus S. P. Bhatnagar och Meenakshi Gupta: Morphology and Embryology of Mimusops elengi L. Peter S. Dixon och Linda M. Irvine: Miscellaneous Notes on Algal Taxonomy and Nomenclature III Mats Thulin: Chromosome Numbers of Some Vascular Plants from East Africa Gunnar Weimarck: Apomixis and Sexuality in Hierochloë alpina (Gramineae) from Finland and Greenland and in H. monticola from Greenland Lennart Engstrand: The European Species of Scaligeria (Umbelliferae) Olov Hedberg: The Genus Zaluzianskya F. W. Schmidt (Scrophulariaceae) Found in Tropical East Africa Roland von Bothmer: Cytological Studies in Allium I. Chromosome Numbers and Morphology in Allium Sect. Allium from Greece Rolf Dahlgren: Current Topics Parallelism, Convergence, and Analogy in Some South African Genera of Leguminosae [BOTANICAL LITERATURE] Wild flowers of Greece, under redaktion av W. T. Stearn. Anmäld av Arne Strid Björkqvist, I.: Studies in Alisma L. Anmäld av Ingemar Björkqvist Tyler, G.: Studies in the ecology of Baltic sea-shore meadows II. Flora and vegetation. Anmäld av Ingemar Björkqvist [LUNDS BOTANISKA FÖRENING] 1970 [OPERA BOTANICA]