Issue 4


  • Ruth Nielsen
  • David Garbary
  • M. P. Sharma
  • K. S. Thind
  • S. C. Kaushal
  • Pierfelice Ravenna
  • Werner Greuter
  • Kostas Papanicolaou
  • Peter Goldblatt
  • A. H. Gentry
  • Gunvor Knaben
  • Wolmar E. Bondesson
  • Lars Jonsson
  • Bengt Jonsell
  • L. Anders Nilsson
  • Uno Eliasson
  • Nils Lundqvist
  • Gunnar Degelius


Ruth Nielsen: Culture studies in the type species of Acrochaete, Bolbocoleon and Entocladia (Chaetophoraceae, Chlorophyceae) Ruth Nielsen: Periplegmatium ceramii Kützing is a brown alga David Garbary: A revised species concept for endophytic and endozoic members of the Acrochaetiaceae (Rhodophyta) M. P. Sharma och K. S. Thind: A new species of Godronia (Helotiales) from India K. S. Thind och S. C. Kaushal: Two new species of Pezizales from India Pierfelice Ravenna: New species of Iridaceae from Galápagos and Colombia Pierfelice Ravenna: Ainea, a new genus of Iridaceae from Mexico Werner Greuter och Kostas Papanicolaou: A new species of Centaurea from Mt Pangaion Peter Goldblatt och A. H. Gentry: Cytology of Bignoniaceae Gunvor Knaben: Additional experimental studies in the Papaver radicatum group Wolmar E. Bondeson: Ovarian anatomy of Quararibea guianensis and Q. cordata Lars Jonsson: The African member of Taeniophyllum (Orchidaceae) Bengt Jonsell: New taxa of Cruciferae from East Tropical Africa and Madagascar Bengt Jonsell: Rorippa backeri (Cruciferae), a new combination L. Anders Nilsson: The pollination ecology of Herminium monorchis (Orchidaceae) Uno Eliasson och Nils Lundqvist: Fimicolous myxomycetes Gunnar Degelius: Studies in the lichen family Collemataceae IV. Collema fecundum, a new species from North America [BOTANICAL LITERATURE] Stafleu, F. A. och Cowan, R. S.: Taxonomic literature. Anmäld av Ove Almborn