Fasc. 2

  • Lennart Engstrand
  • Mats Gustafsson
  • Dimitrios Phitos
  • Sven Snogerup
  • Loutfy Boulos
  • Anita Dunbar
  • Sven-Olov Strandhede
  • Georgia Kamari
  • Styliani Papatsou


Lennart Engstrand och Mats Gustafsson: Drawings of Scandinavian Plants 86-88 Chenopodium L. Dimitrios Phitos och Sven Snogerup: A New Species of Aethionema from Skiros, Greece Lennart Engstrand: Generic Delimitation of Bunium, Conopodium and Geocaryum (Umbelliferae) Loutfy Boulos: Révision Systématique du Genre Sonchus L. s.l. IV. Sous-genre 1. Sonchus Anita Dunbar: Pollen Development in the Eleocharis palustris Group (Cyperaceae) I. Ultrastructure and Ontogeny Sven-Olov Strandhede: Pollen Development in the Eleocharis palustris Group (Cyperaceae) II. Cytokinesis and Microspore Degeneration Georgia Kamari och Styliani Papatsou: Chromosome Studies in Some Mediterranean Angiosperms [BOTANICAL LITERATURE] Galløe, O.: Natural History of the Danish Lichens. Original Investigatoons Based upon New Principles. Anmäld av Ove Almborn Caroll W. Dodge: Some Lichens of Tropical Africa. V. Lecanoraceae to Physciaceae. Anmäld av Ove Almborn [OPERA BOTANICA]