Pride and prominence


  • Mattias Heldner Stockholm University
  • Tomas Riad Stockholm University
  • Johan Sundberg Stockholm University
  • Marcin Wlodarczak Stockholm University
  • Hatice Zora Stockholm University


Given the importance of the entire voice source in prominence expression, this paper aims to explore whether the word accent distinction can be defined by the voice quality dynamics moving beyond the tonal movements. To this end, a list of word accent pairs in Central Swedish were recorded and analysed based on a set of acoustic features extracted from the accelerometer signal. The results indicate that the tonal movements are indeed accompanied by the voice quality dynamics such as intensity, periodicity, harmonic richness and spectral tilt, and suggest that these parameters might contribute to the perception of one vs. two peaks associated with the word accent distinction in this regional variant of Swedish. These results, although based on limited data, are of crucial importance for the designation of voice quality variation as a prosodic feature per se.