A pilot study

acoustic and articulatory data on tonal alignment in Swedish word accents

  • Malin Svensson Lundmark
  • Johan Frid
  • Susanne Schötz


This pilot study compares the timing of articulatory gestures to the timing of the tonal contour in South Swedish Accent 1 and Accent 2. Acoustic and articulatory data were collected with an EMA (Carstens AG501). Variables included the tonal alignment of the high tone H and the following low tone L to the vowel onset, the syllable offset, as well as to the lip aperture and the tongue body. Acoustic results point towards different units as host for the accents: Accent 1 aligns with the vowel while Accent 2 aligns with the syllable. The articulatory data shows alignment to different gestures: a stable tonal alignment with the lip aperture in Accent 1, and a less stable alignment with the movement of the tongue body in Accent 2.