Does frequent assessment promote deep approach to learning? A case comparison.

  • Alfina Khairullina
  • Ana María Arbeláez Velez
  • Ariana Causevic
  • Dong Pan
  • Pegah Mansouri Bakvand
Keywords: Frequent, Assessment, Surface approach to learning, Deep approach to learning, Feedback


Adopting a deep approach to learning is very important for the students to have a deeper understanding of the learning materials, which is consistent with the goal of higher education. Educators have been striving to achieve a higher quality of student learning outcomes, by designing the curriculum, employing different teaching methods, and utilizing assessment procedures. In our study the question of interest is whether the frequency of assessments will affect students’ approach to learning. To compare, we have chosen nine cases based on three types of assessment (written, oral and group project with presentation) given at three different frequencies (low, medium and high). Summarily, higher frequency of assessments has a place on promoting students approach to learning, while other factors such as feedback, teaching approach, workload, authenticity and independence of the student matter as well. Future research might focus on the relationship between these variables and how teachers can generate conditions that incentivize deep approach to learning.