Motiverande samtal och vetenskaplig evidens för effekt – en systematisk litteratursammanställning baserad på metaanalyser

  • Susanna Larsson Tholén


Motivational Interviewing and scientific evidence for its effects – a systematic litera- ture review based on meta-analyses
The present study reviews the scientific evidence on the efficacy of Motivational Interviewing in relation to improved health for individuals. Based on meta-analyses of original studies with a controlled design, a systematic literature review was carried out. Searches were conducted in 19 databases and covered literature published in English-language peer-reviewed journals between the years 1980 and 2013. Further criteria for inclusion were that Motivational Interviewing con- stituted the main intervention, that the effect was evaluated, and that the audience was adults. Ten meta-analyses of treatment were included. Compared to weak treatment or no treatment the results gave support for Motivational Interviewing as a more effective intervention in the pro- blem areas of alcohol, drug addiction, smoking cessation, HIV-risk behaviour, gambling, diet and exercise, treatment adherence, water purification/safety, parenting practices and willingness/ intention to change. Albeit more limited, the results also provided evidence that Motivational interviewing is more effective than other active treatments regarding the areas of alcohol, smoking cessation, HIV-risk behaviour, gambling, diet and exercise, and water safety. As regards eating disorders, intimate relationships/couples, well-being and ability to change, the results showed no support for Motivational interviewing being a more effective intervention than either of the alter- natives strong, weak, or no intervention. The results of the present study thereby corroborate that Motivational Interviewing has effects regarding alcohol use, smoking cessation, HIV-risk beha- viour, gambling, eating habits and physical activity, as well as water purification/safety.