Vol 19 (1999)

Through a Glass Darkly. Cultural representation in the dialogue between Central, Eastern and Western Europe.

Edited by Fiona Björling

ISSN: 0346-8712

The 19TH volume of Slavica Lundensia contains papers delivered at a symposium entitled Constituting and Reconstituting Central and Eastern Europe. Cultural representations in the dialogue between Central, Eastern and Western Europe which was held in Lund on January 29-31 1999. The symposium was organised within the research project The Intelligentsia as the Creators of Social Values in Russia and Poland during the Nineteenth and the Twentieth Centuries which receives its financial support from The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation.

The following papers were delivered at the symposium but have not been submitted for publication:
Olivier Danjoux (Lund), Civil Society in the Baltic Countries Before and After Independence;
Nikolaj Migunov (St. Petersburg), The Russian Intelligentsia in the Search for a New Identity: Between Traditional Patterns and Present-Day Sociocultural Patterns;
Steven Sampson (Lund), Mafia and Antimafia in Europeanist, Occi-dentalist and Orientalist Discourses.



Russian Identity as an East-West Controversy: Outlining a concept
Peter Ulf Møller
Central Europe 1950-2000
Iver. B Neumann
Danube by Claudio Magris as an Example of a Postmodern Construction of Central Europe
Barbara Törnquist-Plewa
The Dual Image of the West in the Eyes of the Poles
Magdalena Micińska
A Quest for Lost Reality: Some Tendencies in Polish Narratives from the 90's
Krzysztof Stala
Sots Art as Deconstruction of Socialist Realism
Elisabeth Hemby-Elmfeldt
Representations of Russian Women
Karin Sarsenov
Exhausted Stereotypes: Representations of Russia in Andrej Nekrasov's Love is a Strong as Death
Fiona Björling
Writing on the Wall: Remont, restoration and identity
Irina Sandomirskaja
Politics and Culture: Universalism and particularism in discourses about Russia
Gunnar Opeide
One Europe? The Age of Revolution vs. the Present Age
Bronisław Świderski