DOAJ reaches new milestones


  • Ingegerd Rabow Head Office, Lund University Libraries, Lund, Sweden


We are pleased to present the exciting developments from the DOAJ team. DOAJ has a special place in our hearts here in Lund as it was conceived  at the first  Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication in Lund/Copenhagen 2002,  and then produced by the Lund University Libraries Head Office for ten years under  Lars Bjørnshauge’s  leadership,  until he moved on to Director of SPARC Europe and Managing Director of DOAJ in its new constellation.

From the DOAJ news release: DOAJ reaches new milestones:

“We have just completed the transition to a new environment and launched a new platform with integrated functionality for sharing, exporting and enhanced search/browse functionality: at the article level, search results can be filtered by language and publication year and by license and publication fee; at the journal level, you can filter by subject, by country, by license and by publication fees./- - - /

  • For the first time more than 50% of the journals are providing metadata at article level. DOAJ will continue to work with the 2000+ publishers to increase this figure.


  • More than 1 million articles are now searchable in DOAJ which means more than 1 million article-level metadata entries are available for harvesting!!

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