Welcome to the autumn 2011 issue of ScieCom info. Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication.


  • Ingegerd Rabow


In our “Open Minds” interview series we can now present interviews from Finland, Iceland and Lithuania.


  • Solveig Thorsteinsdottir, our Icelandic editor, talked to Ian Watson, assistant professor of social science at Bifröst University in Iceland, editor of the Bifröst Journal of Social Science, and also manages the library at the Reykjavík Academy, an association of Icelandic researchers and scholars. He gives his views on OA in “Open Minds – An Interview with Ian Watson



  • The topic of Megajournals is hot. What are megajournals? Will they revolutionize our current system of scholarly communication? Our Norwegian editor Jan Erik Frantsvåg discusses all this in “The Mega-journals are coming!



  • Oslo University College (OUC) was one of the last Higher Education (HE) institutions to get an institutional repository. Mid-June 2010 their Open Digital Archive, ODA, went public. In "Carrot or stick, incentives or mandates, or both" Tanja Strøm looks at the key events resulting in ODA, and describes the incentive scheme. implemented at OUC.


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Ingegerd Rabow