The simple book


  • Sara Gidlund Gidlunds Förlag


The development of technology has made the manufacturing of your own book a common option. As a publisher, this makes me very happy. Almost everyone knows how to use a computer for word processing or knows someone who may help them. Handbooks can teach you how to typeset your text in a correct way, how to have the printouts cut down to a manageable format, how to get them bound, and how to send the obligatory copies to the university libraries, making the book available to anyone that wishes to read it. To have your book printed in a modest edition need not cost more than a skiing vacation. By selling the book you can earn back your expenses – perhaps you can even make a profit. Most importantly, you can delight in the book’s existence. You leave behind something of lasting value to yourself and maybe, but not necessarily, to others.

Author Biography

Sara Gidlund, Gidlunds Förlag

Editor at Gidlunds Förlag