Electronic Publications - Access Now and in the Future: A Seminar at the Royal Library, Stockholm, Sweden, 18 October 2005


  • Tomas Lundén Head Office, Lund University Libraries


Swedish universities and government authorities are increasingly making their publications electronically available on the World Wide Web, either on web sites or in local systems, so called institutional repositories. Standardisation of metadata is a way of increasing access to these publications. Tools and workflows are also being developed to secure long term preservation and access. On 18 October 2005, a seminar presenting and discussing different initiatives and issues in this area, was held at the Swedish Royal Library (KB). The seminar was arranged by BIBSAM, the Royal Library´s Department for National Co-ordination and Development. Entitled "Electronic publications – access now and in the future" the seminar was broad in scope, ranging from technical and organisational issues to political ones, taking in perspectives from both universities (and their libraries) and government authorities, as well as from KB. On the agenda was also the matter of legal deposits of electronic material.

Author Biography

Tomas Lundén, Head Office, Lund University Libraries

Librarian, Lund University Libraries, Head Office