A Building-Archaeological Investigation of the Interior


  • Sara Lind Skånes hembygdsförbund
  • Tina Westergren Burlövs kommun


An interior building-archaeological investigation of parts of Glimmingehus castle has been conducted. One of the aims was to document the two large rooms, today called “the Banqueting Hall” and “the Archers’ Loft”. Another was to answer some questions about the original functions of the rooms. The two rooms are connected by a simple wooden staircase. One of the questions concerned the original look of this connection.

The results show that “the Banqueting Hall” was divided into five rooms, separated by a half-timbered structure. The same kind of structure once probably framed the staircase. No traces of interior walls were found in “the Archers’ Loft”, making this the largest room in the castle. Earlier investigations of the truss showed the possibility of it being open, lending a grand impression to “the Archers’ Loft” beneath it. This, along with traces of now removed flooring, window fittings and an overall more coherent design than today’s, shows that this room might have been the real banqueting hall.