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The Nordic Journal of European Law (NJEL) is newly founded open-access, PhD-managed and peer reviewed journal of European law with a Nordic perspective. The Journal was launched by Lund University in cooperation with other Nordic universities. The Journal will be published on a bi-annual basis via an open access format on the current webpage. 

The objective of the NJEL is both to promote knowledge and research in European law in the Nordic countries as well as creating a platform and a community for researchers and practitioners in different European law related fields. We welcome submissions from a broad spectrum of areas of European law, and embrace contributions with of interdisciplinary nature.  


Inaugural Issue of 2018: Recent Developments in European Business Law 

In December 2018, we will publish our first inaugural issue. The common theme for this issue revolves around different aspects of European business law. We have four contributions, dealing with public procurement law; intellectual property rights; merger control; and company law.



Call for Papers for Issue 2019(1)

A call for papers will soon be published.

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Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Inaugural Issue

This inaugural issue of the NJEL focuses on business law aspects of European law. The contributions analyse legal developments in the fields of public procurement, merger control, intellectual property law and EU company law.


Article. Dr. Albert Sanchez Graells (University of Bristol), ‘You Can’t Be Serious: Critical Reflections on the Liability Threshold for Damages Claims for Breach of EU Public Procurement Law After the EFTA Court’s Fosen-Linjen Opinion’.

Article. Julia Österman, ‘Non-Discriminatory Royalties for Standard Essential Patents: Setting the Boundaries’.

Article. Iryna Basova, ‘Cross-Border Conversions in the European Union After the Polbud Case’.

Case Note. Doctoral Candidate Vasiliki Fasoula, ‘The EU Court of Justice Clarifies the Role of the Full-Function Criterion in the Interaction Between Article 3(1)(b) and 3(4) of the EU Merger Regu

Published: 2018-12-18

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