Has TSR journal ISSN?

ISSN number will be assigned after publication of the first issue.

Will articles have DOI links?

Yes, all published articles will receive a permanent DOI address.

Is TSR journal indexed?

Most indexing services require some history of publication (usually, around three years) before a journal is accepted for indexing. As soon as TSR has fulfilled the formal requirements, we will apply for the indexing. The good news is that all papers already published will be retrospectively indexed, too.

Is TSR journal searchable in Web of Science, Google Scholar and other scientific literature search tools?

'Searchability' of papers is closely connected to the indexing. Put it simple, it will be much easier for other reserachers to find your paper after the journal is indexed. However, we aim at making agreements with individual databases specifically related to transportation about inclusion of the journal in their search results.

Google Scholar reminds an Internet search engine, therefore a new paper should be visible within three weeks.

What are the costs of publishing/reading TSR journal?

TSR journal adheres to Platinum Open-Access model, meaning that both reading and publishing the materials is free-of charge.