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Doctoral Supervision – Lund University

WELCOME to this database for papers authored by the participants at Lund University’s courses on doctoral supervision.

Search, read and get inspired. There is a good probability that the question you want to work with also has interested previous participants, perhaps from your own research discipline and department. It can also be rewarding to mirror doctoral education and traditions for supervision with those found in other disciplines. Build on and extend, or criticise, previous works.

Log on using the password you have been given by the course leaders. In the box to the right you can change the language of the database interface.

You find the reports in the Archives above. You can also search all texts (please see the list of keywords used). You can also truncate search terms with an *, e.g. astro* will give you both astronomy and astrophysics.

When you author your own text, if possible, use keywords from the list of keywords.

The texts found here may be used for reference by participants at Lund University’s courses for doctoral supervisors. For use outside this context, please contact author/s for permission.

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